Fitted furniture

Other Spaces

Other Spaces / Awkward shaped rooms of all sizes, with slopes and angles are no match for Beautiful bedrooms’ fitted furniture solutions. Our bespoke designs maximize every inch of space..

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Standard wardrobes leave a lot of wasted space in alcoves. Our tailor-made wardrobes fit the exact contours of your space, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. Our clever front frame design can give you twice as much storage and a beautifully styled room.

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Under Stairs

At Beautiful Bedrooms, we don’t let any space go to waste, especially under the stairs where storage space is just waiting to be created. Let us help you transform yours.



Beautiful Bedrooms’ fitted furniture work perfectly around the home, creating storage where you didn’t think you could have it.


Bay Windows

Beautiful Bedrooms’ Bay window seats are the perfect finishing touch, offering storage and upholstered with your choice of fabric.


High Roof Ceilings

The bespoke nature of Beautiful Bedrooms’ fitted wardrobes means we can maximise every millimetre of your space. Our wardrobes run from floor to even the highest ceilings, giving you room to store everything away.

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Angled Ceilings

Awkward sloping ceilings are no problem for Beautiful Bedrooms’ bespoke fitted wardrobes. Designed with clever hanging and shelving options, you could get three times more storage than freestanding wardrobes, whatever your slope position.